Why wash your car in winter?

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Benefits of Washing Your Vehicle in the Winter

Winter in Rochester can be super rough. With Lake Ontario bringing in some serious lakefront weather and precipitation, roads get covered in salt after they’re plowed. Not to mention that the slush is just awful. With conditions like that, cleaning your car can seem like a constant battle. But it is necessary.

Here’s why to wash your car in winter.

Know When to Get Winter Tires

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Why you need to wash your car in winter

Road salt and slush build-up will cause your car to rust out quickly. This applies to both old and new vehicles. Most people want to keep their new vehicle as nice as possible for as long as possible. Similarly, the key to keeping a 250,000-mile car running is consistent maintenance. And a new water pump, a new alternator, or a new fuel injector won’t stop your vehicle from falling apart when rust starts eating through the floorboards. Washing your vehicle is imperative to keeping it looking good and structurally sound.

How to wash your car during winter

Washing your car in the high twenty-degree range or above will result in a (mostly) normal washing experience. The water won’t freeze too quickly or at all. If it’s really starting to get cold, then take your car out for a drive to warm it up. Make sure to crank the heat inside also to avoid the windows icing up. If you wash it at home, get multiple buckets of warm water and work quickly. Car wash stations are a good option in the winter, as you often don’t have to do the work yourself. Many also have undercarriage cleaning options or power washers that can clean parts of your car you may not be able to easily reach.

Does Your Car Need Some Winer Prep?

Many people like to get fitted rubber floormats and emergency kits to get ready for winter. Check out our selection of genuine Mazda accessories if that sounds like something you could use. Winter tires are super important for driving in inclement weather. All-weather ones simply don’t cut it when it comes to lakefront snow.

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